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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Soft launch of FH club

So i've been missing in action from my blog for awhile, reason why being cause I just got back
from Japan which explains the airplane wing picture above haha

As some of you may know, i represented Malaysia to compete in Miss International 2013 in Tokyo and was away for about 2 weeks plus. I'll be blogging about my whole experience there and sharing my journey with you guys soon, but give me some time as i have to filter all the thousand over pictures that i took there lol

But for now, right after i touched down i had the privilege to make an appearance as a
VIP guest at the launch of the new online store called FH Club today! (:

The event was held at Sky bar

Opening speech given by Michael Tan

There were loads of dance performances to hype up the crowd during the launch. They remind me of 2ne1 somehow haha

There was even a fashion show as well, look at all those gorgeous gowns!

Not to mention, sexy mermaid girls in the pool to entertain us. I caught some guys who couldn't take their eyes off them haha

This one was really cool though, they had synchronized swimmers! :D

Siew Cheng, the winner of Classic Mrs Malaysia, myself and Nancy (:

With the owner, Michael and Jin

The supermodel Amber Chia!

Myself and Wilson, great to see him again (:

Anderson and myself

With the former Miss Chinese Cosmos 2004, Carrie Lee. She still looks as gorgeous as ever!

A mandatory solo shot haha :p

Congratulations Michael and the FH club team! (:

FH club is Malaysia's ultimate online store to shop for everything fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle
and they even sell original branded bags such as Michael Kors, Hermes, Gucci, Prada and many more, you name it!

Perfect for girls who loves shopping like me haha, do check out to see more of their goods
or for more frequent updates, you can check their facebook page as well here. Happy shopping lovelies! (:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fashion show for De Catano

Got up super early and spent 2 hours travelling down to Seremban for work today,
i think that's the furthers i have ever traveled for just for a job, haha achievement unlocked?

The fashion show was held in Royale Bintang hotel by designers from De Catano to show case their work,
and i gotta admit some of the dresses are actually really nice lol, i was expecting something really weird to be honest haha

Backstage having our make up done

Meet my make up artist for the day, i swear her make up does wonders! Haha i love her (:

TADAA! See... she's so good (:

My set of clothing to change into for the show

The male models going through their choreography led by Jerry lol

With Carolyn and Eiko

Hands on the waist ladies

Connie and myself

With my oh so friendly hair stylist (:

My first outfit change, i kinda like this dress to be honest. Looks like something i would wear to a cocktail party

Us girls with one of the designers

Jessmund and myself

With Kary in our second outfit change

Coincidentally met Eiko here as well, we previously met during a pageant last year (:

Ignore the ugly background, but this was one of my favorite dresses!

Michelle was here as well, she was one of the make up artist i met when i was competing in Super GT 2012!

Last but not least, a blue evening sequin dress

Unfortunately, i didn't get to ask someone to help take pictures of us while we were up on
stage so i only have pictures in the backstage with the ugly background -.-

The show ended around midnight and i was pretty much exhausted, not to mention we had to spend another 2 hours to travel back to KL.
On the bright side, getting my salary made it all worth it in the end and it was nice to meet so many new faces (:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Official shoot as Miss Global International Malaysia

Today was a pretty exciting day for me. It was my official photoshoot as the reigning Miss Global International Malaysia! (:
Getting all dolled up by professionals and getting to work with them was such a privilege as they
have worked with many famous celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore having them to sponsor me with my gowns and national costume to bring to Albania
for my competition in Miss Globe 2013 as Malaysia's representative was an honour!

We did 3 different shoots and it took us the entire day till we wrapped up, tiring but i had so much fun in the process (:

Here's a behind the scenes

The outcome of the shoot. Love it so much :')

Dress designed and sponsored by Amir Rafiqee

Bikini sponsored by Woopz Bikinis

National costume sponsored by SMTE KL, the details on the fabric and accessories are all so beautiful!

Thank you so much to my photographers Shahrul Aswan and Fadzrin, make up artist extraordinaire
Eva Shahrul and Senze Studio for making me look so beautiful and queenly (:

Till today, i'm very bless with this opportunity that i've been given and i'll do my best to make Malaysia proud!

As someone once said, real glamour and beauty is not just about looking good but it's
being a role model, being beautiful on the inside and caring more about others than you do for yourself.